Thursday, October 17, 2013

knitted baby accessories

newborn baby hat 2

In the spirit of actually posting the various projects I've been making, in no particular order, I wanted to share some of the knitted accessories that I made for Esther.  I also have made her quite a few little tiny sweaters (love how fast baby sweaters are to knit up!) but I'll share those later.  This hat was the last knitting project I finished before she was born - I realized that I had knit her several larger hats but nothing newborn sized, and with a march due date I wanted to be sure she had a special handmade hat to wear in her first days!

newborn baby hat 1

I knit this hat with a variation of my basic baby hat pattern on ravelry and using Knit Picks felici sport yarn (which, ahem, I got on sale and have a bunch more of, so you may see another baby project in this yarn in the future).  Esther was just a few days old in this pictures and the hat fit her for her first month or so, and then it got pretty warm so she didn't need a hat anyways.

two baby hats

I had also made her several other hats before she was born, and conveniently now that it is getting chilly again, they both fit her now.  So that worked out well!  Both are improvised designs that are similar to that basic baby hat linked above.  On a recent outing she started trying to pull the hat off her head, though, so I may need to get to work on one with ties to keep it on pretty soon!

She gets very serious about looking around (and trying to eat the straps on the stroller) so here is a serious baby photo from a few weeks ago:

baby hat in action

Before she was born, I went on a bit of a baby legwarmer knitting spree.  I knit three pairs and was all geared up to knit several more but didn't get around to it.  Baby legwarmers are great since they can keep little baby legs warm while allowing easy diaper changes, or they can provide an extra layer of warmth under or over lightweight baby pants.  I had no idea what a huge baby we'd have, though, and Esther didn't get too much wear out of her little legwarmers before she outgrew them!  I bought her some of the super stretchy larger commercially made ones and she has been getting a lot of use out of them, so maybe I will motivate to knit her another larger pair.

baby legwarmers

Somehow I only got photos of her wearing this one pair of the legwarmers although I know she wore at least one other pair quite a bit. They're packed up now so you'll just have to take my word for it.

[Edited to add:]
Oh wait! I found some progress pics from my phone at least of the other two pairs of legwarmers.

2013-02-03 19.08.16

2013-01-16 22.59.50

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  1. oh Kate!! The hats and the leg warmers are just so beautiful on your adorable girl!! I can't get over how fast they are growing. Those pictures are just making me broody again... no, wait, that's the sleep deprivation talking ;)


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