Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Quick Change Baby Pants

Quick Change Pants 5

To follow up on my kids clothing week sewing posts (here and here), I wanted to share a few more of the clothes that I have sewed for Esther.  I love the Quick Change baby pants pattern from Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings book, it is such a cute way to showcase favorite quilting cotton prints.  While the instructions say that it require 3/4 yard of each of the main prints for most of the sizes, I found that I could eke it out with 1/2 yard, particularly for prints where the orientation of the fabric didn't matter.  I love that the pants are reversible, so it's like getting two pairs of pants in one!  Plus with the cuff that you can fold down as they grow, they should fit a bit longer than most baby clothes.

Quick Change Pants 3

This first pair that I sewed for Esther was pretty snug, which could have been because I made them at the height of her deliciously chubby stage, so for the next two pairs that I sewed, I cut out the same size (9 months) but made a smaller seam allowance for the two outer seams (eg the ones at her hips, not the inseam).

Quick Change Pants 4

That worked great and the next two pairs fit her much better - although they are still a bit of a wiggle to get on and off.  These pants in muted sage green and coral are my absolute fave!

Quick Change Pants 1

I also made a super fun bright pair of pants for her also in green and pink.  I was tempted to sew tons more but I should probably make them in a larger size!  She is growing so fast, it's already about time to fold down those cuffs...

Quick Change Pants 2


  1. Those are adorable and Esther is a cutie! The butterfly ones are my favourite!

  2. These are just the cutest little pants EVER! I'm glad you're finding time to sew for your little one. I swear mine were small and pudgy like Esther just a couple of weeks ago... and now my "baby" is 10 and his big brother is about to turn 13. :-( I still have flannel fire truck fabric in my stash that I was planning to make into pajamas for them eventually. The window of opportunity for sewing baby clothes is only open for such a short time!


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