Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby Pants

Lately it seems that everyone we know is having babies!  We are super excited for all the soon-to-be parents... and I have of course been thinking about baby gifts.  I fell in love with both the big butt baby pants and the newborn baby pants patterns on Made By Rae so I have been sewing up some baby pants.  The two pairs above are the simpler newborn pattern, which sews up really quickly.  I decided to pep both of these up with a contrasting cuff, inspired by some of the photos on the blog and on flickr.

I made the pants below for my nephew (sent with his sweater last week) using the big butt pattern.  I made them in the 12 month size but put a generous cuff on so hopefully he can wear them rolled up at first (as shown in photo below) and then grow into the length.  I love this riley blake cars/trucks fabric!

I decided not to do a contrasting butt for these but may have to do one in the future!

Finally, I made another pair of newborn pants and a matching set of reversible shoes (showing both sides below).  The fabric choices on both are intentionally androgynous since a number of the folks we know who are expecting don't plan to find out the sex of their baby in advance.  The shoes are from this pattern that I have made a number of times before - highly recommend!

PS - I finally switched out the Christmas blog header (and also made some other design tweaks on the blog... we are now sans serif all the way!).  The Christmas decorations on the house are still up, on the other hand... baby steps.


  1. I like the new design. I finally got all our decorations down only two days ago you are not alone.

  2. Those are really adorable. I love your fabric choices.

  3. I love these baby pants! You are such a crafty goddess! So, question: Are these, like Pampers big butt baby pants, or like cloth diaper big butt baby pants? The only bummer about my cloth diapering experience was that RTW baby clothes are made to fit over disposable diapers, and my cloth diapers were all bulkier. I would have loved to whip up some custom baby pants to solve that dilemma. You know, in an alternate universe where I would have had time to sew and would not have been to bleary-eyed, sleep-deprived to thread a needle... ;-)


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