Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Free-motion Embroidery Needle Book

Now that I have a sewing machine with a free-motion quilting foot and other great features (wahoo!) I have been having fun experimenting and learning different techniques.  The free motion quilting definitely takes some practice, I have to say.  I had seen various folks trying out free motion embroidery/applique and wanted to give it a try, so yesterday I put together this cute needle book for my hand-sewing needles.

I love tree/leaf/vine designs, so that was what I went with... plus I figured it was a great way to use all of the green scraps that I had in my scrap bag (many from making my Christmas tree bunting).  I originally envisioned this on more of a linen/natural fabric, but this light yellow was what I could find in my stash... I think it works though.  It was fun to try out the technique, and let me tell you, did I ever need a little book for my needles.

I am ashamed to admit this was my old needle storage system...  much better now!

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  1. That really looks great! I love the leaves. I have tried free motion a little bit and I am so impressed with yours - mine is NOT that good. Well done!
    Thanks for stopping my by blog. Nice to "meet" you!

  2. That needle case is fabulous! I had to laugh at your old needle storage system - mine looked exactly the same for many years until I made myself a new pin cushion a few months back! Love your blog!

  3. What a super idea! I love when organization meets style!


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