Sunday, August 14, 2011

Adventures in Maine and birthday socks in progress

I am savoring the relaxed feeling after our week off in Maine as we sit in the airport and wait for our flight home, where several more days of frantic packing and moving await us.

My primary craft project for this trip was the annual pair of socks that I make Lawson for his birthday (which was this week) although as usual I am late in finishing them up. Like last year's socks, these are also made with knitpicks stroll sport, which I find knits up much faster but still makes a nice mid-weight sock. After making him regular fingering weight socks one year, I really appreciated how much larger men's feet are than women's, and decided to stick to heavier weight yarns for his socks from then on.

Some highlights from the rest of our trip:

After visiting friends, we headed up to Acadia national park and camped for three days. It rained the first night and the next day, but we were undeterred and went for a nice hike by the coast and up a small mountain... We figured we should get used to hiking in the rain since we are moving to Oregon!

We were rewarded on our hike when we found a delicious patch of wild blueberries, yum!

We also went for a nice bike ride on the carriage roads - definitely something I recommend checking out if you are in Acadia.

Our last day the weather was totally sunny and gorgeous and we enjoyed the coast some more (and we were extra excited that the weather worked out that way since we were able to dry our tent out entirely before packing it back up).

There are also lots of fun shops in midcoast Maine and I indulged in some vacation craft shopping, including these lovely fabrics from alewives fabrics in damariscotta mills...

And these luscious sock yarns (both sport weight, too, so I can knit quick socks for myself, too!) from heavenly socks yarns in Belfast Maine.

I definitely recommend a visit to both shops if you are in either area!

Wish me luck with the next three days of packing/moving, and then we are off to Hawaii! I can't wait!


  1. I am SO jealous you got to visit Alewives Fabrics!!! I love the fabrics you bought, I foresee some awesome sewing projects in your near future.

    What a beautiful trip! I am glad you guys got to relax before the big move. Good luck with packing!!!

  2. I loved seeing pictures of Acadia! My husband and I honeymooned there (we drove all the way from Minnesota!), and went back again a few years ago for our 10th anniversary. We love it!

  3. I'm knitting my first pair of socks, I'm all excited about it!

    Your trip looks very nice.

  4. Your trip looked so fun-- I love camping, and that looked like an ideal setting (well, minus the rain!). I am also jealous you went to alewives-- what a great stack of fabric! Hopefully the rest of the packing wasn't too stressful, and you're on your way to Hawaii! Have a great time!


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