Thursday, August 25, 2011

Odds and ends

Aloha from Hawaii! Amazingly we survived the rest of our packing and have really been enjoying our relaxing vacation here while our stuff gets moved across the country. We have wifi access today so I thought I would pop in with a few odds and ends.

First, a reminder, Lindsay Sews is hosting the bloggers' dinner party this month and there are a few more days to join in. Thanks again for helping out Lindsay!

Also I realized that I would need help next month too, and Michelle from City House Studio has agreed to host - so be sure to stop by her blog next month and check it out. Thanks so much Michelle!

Do you read Kristie's blog, obsessive crafting disorder? If you don't already, you should definitely check it out, she is hosting a fun bag lady week again next week including tutorials and giveaways, including a chance to win copies of my two patterns. Go check it out!

Oh, and you know how before I got swallowed alive by packing I mentioned that I was planning to host a drunkards path quilt-along this fall? I am super exited that Kristie and I will be hosting it together, stay tuned for the official announcement and more info next month!


  1. Happy vacation to you! So glad to hear you finished packing and have everything on the move. Best wishes on your new home!

  2. That is some pretty spectacular scenery :) Can't wait for all our fun adventures ahead! Thanks again for participating in Bag Lady Week!

  3. I hope you are having a great time! Hawaii is so amazing. See you in Portland soon.


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