Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This and That

Things have been pretty busy for me lately and I have a bit of a backlog of things to post about, so I thought I would throw a few different things together in a this and that update.

Herringbone Bee Block

For our do.good stitches bee blocks this month, Rachel asked us to make a large herringbone block using her tutorial. Well actually it was for December, but luckily we decided to take the month off in January and Rachel gave us an extra few weeks to get the blocks done, which was much appreciated when I was frantically finishing up my holiday gifts. I had fun making this block and really like the fun, bright scrappy patchwork look of the color scheme she had us use - it'll be fun to see the quilt come together!

heather ross fabrics

I was so thrilled to have won one of the giveaways on 2nd Avenue Studio for giveaway day (and happy to "meet" Rachel, who is a member of my guild here in Portland), and even more thrilled when this gorgeous package of Heather Ross fabrics came in the mail. I love all the cute creations I have seen other folks make with her fabrics, but other than the quilt I made with Far Far Away 2 I haven't had any of them myself. I am looking forward to some fun fussycutting in the future to show off these cuties, although I am a bit scared to cut into them!


Among many other fun craft-supply gifts that I got for the holidays (thank you friends and family, you know me well!), my mother-in-law gave me these fun vintage buttons.  I am building up a bit of a button collection and love having a supply to use in future projects.

v-neck t-shirt

I took a t-shirt making class a few months ago (at local sewing studio, Modern Domestic) and have never gotten around to blogging about it here! I thought it would be fun to take a class to learn more tips and tricks about sewing with knits, although I felt a bit silly when I got there and realized it wasn't really different from the kids t-shirts I had sewed earlier this year. 

v-neck detail

One cool new thing that I did learn was how to make a v-neck (they showed us how to use wash-away wonder tape to hold everything in place, although it was still a bit tricky to get it to turn out nice).  I also got to try out the serger which was really fun, definitely makes me want to save up and get one!  And somehow I had more trouble sewing the hems with a double needle on their fancy bernina than I have had when I have done it at home.  I am really happy with how my t-shirt turned out, though, and look forward to making more!


  1. Love it all! Gorgeous block, such cute fabric and buttons! That t-shirt is amazing, so professional!!! Love the v-neck :)

  2. Cool assortment of topics here - love that you were able to make such a cool t-shirt! and all the buttons and such - fun of your family to do that!

  3. Wow, YOU get nervous cutting into fabric too?

  4. Your t-shirt looks awesome! Very cool! And I love the fabrics you picked for your herringbone. It was a fun block, and I agree; seeing it come together will be fun!

  5. Your t looks very professional :). And congrats on the munki score! I have a stash I have been hoarding, too....

  6. The shirt looks great-- especially the neckline! Consider me very impressed! I love the block for Rachel-- this is going to be one cool quilt.
    And that's so awesome that you won some Heather Ross fabric! It is seriously the most adorable fabric out there, it's always good to have a little stashed!

  7. OOH, your T-shirt looks awesome!! Especially the neckline. That's on my To Sew list for this year, but I'm a big chicken when it comes to sewing things that are supposed to fit my lumpy, curvy body instead of a nice, flat bed or a window! Can you tell more about the Wonder tape stuff you used to do your neckline? I wish a shop near me would do a class like that.

    1. The wash-away wonder tape is a sticky tape that you use to hold things in place as you are sewing the v of the neckline, and then it apparently all washes out when you wash the shirt. Pretty magic!

  8. I saw you drunkard's path QA on another blog and jumped over here. I love your herringbone block it looks really great!! You lucky girl to win such a fun giveaway. I love the fish, they are so cute. I hope your having a great day.

  9. I'm awarding you a Versatile Blogger Award:

    To pay it forward, create a post mentioning the award. List 7 factoids about yourself in the post, and list 15 blogs you will award the Versatile Blogger Award.



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