Monday, March 26, 2012

greetings from your absentee blogger

craft hope hat

I've been a bit MIA around here lately, but I have a good excuse!  We are in the process of buying our first house (closing in 3 weeks) so that has been eating up what spare time I had.  We are very excited!  I actually have still been squeezing in some time for crafts, I just haven't been good about taking photos and writing blog posts.  So this is a knitting update of things that I made several weeks ago since the more recent projects still need to have ends woven in, photos taken, etc.  This hat was a quick one that I made for the recent craft hope project to make hats and bags for kids with cancer.

sock fail 1

I also was knitting the rose ribs sock pattern from the book Sock Knitting Master Class, which I really should write more about at some point - it's a great book - but I didn't take the time to knit a gauge swatch or even to try on the socks until I was 2/3 through with the first one, and they are way. too. small.  Bummer.  The lace pattern was so pretty and not that hard to keep track of while knitting, so I may try to knit these again on larger needles or in the larger size at another time.  But for now I decided I that my life was complicated enough right now and my knitting should be easy.

sock fail 2

So I treated myself to some yummy soft malabrigo chunky yarn in this fun yellow/ochre/almost chartreuse color and knitted myself up a quick cowl (the luxe cowl pattern) which I found via angry chicken.  I normally don't wear a lot of bright colors so I kind of surprised myself when I bought this yarn, and have surprised myself even more to find that I love wearing it!  So I am kind of on a run of making cowls... it is starting to feel like spring here but I am tempted to make another before it warms up for real... maybe this one that a friend and I saw a sample for at a yarn shop here in Portland?

yellow cowl

Happy spring to you!


  1. That yellow looks amazing on you. What a great photo! And I love the Tuesday night cowl pattern, also in my queue, if you make it be sure to let me know how you like it.

    A house! Congratulations!! Very exciting, enjoy all the fun of making a home :)

  2. Cute cowl! Glad you're back, and congrats on the house. : )

  3. Good to hear from you & how exciting about your house! Congrats & enjoy!

  4. Congrats on the new house!!! Love the hat :-).

  5. LOVE the cowl and its color, it's great.

    Congrats on the house purchase! How exciting!

  6. So glad that you're back!
    And how fun to be moving into a new house!
    LOVE the cowl!!!

  7. The knits all look great-- that cowl is beautiful, and I love that color on you! It was a good idea to go for the bright color :)
    The house news is SO exciting!! Once you're settled in, I totally want to make it out there for a visit! I keep hoping one of my academic conferences will hold it's meeting out that way :) Congrats on finding the house, I would love to see some pictures when you're in!

  8. Congrats on the house! That is awesome! I'm glad you're still able to craft here and there; I know things are busy! The cowl is fun. I love that colorway, too, and it looks so fun on you! I love the hat you made, too. It's cheery!

  9. I agree -- that's a gorgeous accent color on you, and it's just the thing to perk up an otherwise all neutral look.

    CONGRATULATIONS and good luck with your new home! What an exciting time. Stressful, but exciting!


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