Monday, March 12, 2012

Flannel Bathrobe

Bathrobe 1

I have wanted a flannel bathrobe for a really long time, but have always been put off by the fact that they cost what seems like a lot of money, and couldn't I make myself one anyways?  Now that I actually have made one, $60 bucks or more doesn't seem that expensive, I have to say.  I couldn't stomach buying 6 yards of flannel fabric, so I bought this funny leafy patterned king size sheet at goodwill and then combined it with another flannel sheet that I had in my stash for the contrasting collar/cuffs.

Bathrobe 2

The pattern that I used was Butterick 6837... the robes on the cover looked cute and "very loose fitting" sounded comfy.  Unfortunately, I got so caught up in making the robe that I forgot that I am a short person and that I should pay attention to things like sleeve length and making the adjustments that make it worthwhile to have made yourself a custom garment.  So, long story short, it's huge on me.  The sleeves are way to long, the belt falls way below my waist, and "very loose fitting" is an understatement.  I am trying to think of it as a wearable muslin, and conveniently it fits Lawson perfectly so I gave it to him.  Lawson pointed out that this robe is not exactly manly and then had the great idea that I could dye it green or blue - so I may do that at some point in the future.

Although really, now that I have "given" it to him, it doesn't annoy me that it's oversized if it's because I am borrowing my husband's robe... so I have basically claimed it back.  I  bought another sheet to make another one if I have the time and energy, and honestly I am not sure if I do make another one if I will use this pattern and try to adjust it, or if I will just find a new pattern that is a bit more fitted.  Luckily I am not in a rush, since I now do have a nice snuggly (if extremely baggy) robe to wear!


  1. This struck a chord with me -- isn't that always the way it is, something seems expensive and we know we can "just make it ourselves," but then if we don't enjoy the process that price tag starts looking more and more reasonable! The sad thing is that when we're making things we "should" make, it takes time away from those things we LOVE to make. You have to factor that into the "cost" of making your own bathrobe, too. Anyway, I think your bathrobe is cute -- maybe you'll get pregnant or something and then you'll be all set with the perfect bathrobe! Because everyone's arms stretch during pregnancy, right? ;-)

  2. I am so impressed that you tackled such a large and complicated project. Even if it's too big, it still looks like a robe, so I think you did a great job! The problems with fit and size are why I am soooo relunctant to sew clothing. It's so discouraging. Sigh. But, practice makes perfect, right?

  3. Ha! Funny that you want to wear it now that it's "his". ;)
    Hope you're doing well!

  4. This looks so cozy! I love how it seems like a better "fit" when you're stealing it from Lawson :) I also think it's really cool to use upcycled material for a project like this-- I bet it's soft!

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  6. It looks beautiful, even if - as you say - it's a bit big to claim formally as your own. I love that you were able to thrift a sheet for the fabric.

  7. So clever to use a sheet! I am 6' tall, so I have the opposite challenge...remembering that I actually do have the option of lengthening everything!

    I found you via 2 little cabbages. I'm happy to see all the projects you're up to.

  8. What a fabulous idea . . . to use a sheet! Just wonderful!


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