Saturday, April 21, 2012

1001 Peeps Half Square Triangle Quilt

1001 peeps quilt

I finally finished up the twin-size half square triangle quilt that I have been working on today (which I mentioned when I posted about my HST placemats).  Crafting time (and blogging time, clearly) has continued to be more scarce lately as we finalized our house purchase.  Thanks for all the well wishes on my last post!  We closed this week and will be moving in about a month, we are very excited!

So, about the quilt - this is the first twin size quilt that I have pieced and then quilted myself and it made me even more impressed by folks that quilt bed size quilts on their home machines... it definitely took at lot of wrangling (and made me think about getting a nicer sewing machine with more room under the arm someday).  It was gorgeous out today and we went for a walk in a nearby park and took some quick photos of the quilt while we were there.

1001 peeps quilt folded

Lawson was having a hard time holding it all up since it really is pretty big, you can get a better picture of the design in this photo where the quilt is folded 2/5 of the way down.  It is a (late) 8th birthday present for my god-daughter, whose favorite color is purple.  I knew she would love these 1001 peeps fabrics (by Lizzy House) as soon as they came out, and I think I bought them all a year or so ago - I'm glad that I was finally able to make this quilt for her!

The quilt layout is 8 blocks wide by 10 blocks high, and each HST block is 8" finished (so they were 8.5" unfinished).  I wanted to go with a pretty large block size both to make the project more manageable, and to make sure that the characters in the fabric were visible.  I made most of the blocks using the technique where you sew all around the edges a square and then cut it diagonally twice into 4 HST blocks (shown here), so I started with 13.5" squares of fabric (and then I did trim the blocks still, although I'm not sure it was really necessary).

Peeps quilt detail

I quilted it with straight(ish) lines on the diagonal and used a pinkish-beige sheet for most of the backing, with a pieced strip inserted.  I started with fat quarters of the 1001 peeps fabric and used almost all of it with this design, which worked out really well since I definitely hadn't planned it out before I bought the fabric!  If you aren't familiar with this fabric line, you can see a bit more of the details of it in the photo above - it has some more abstract prints and also ones with little characters and scenes.  It's super cute!

peeps quilt back

I'm linking up to Megan's Festival of Half Square Triangles over at Canoe Ridge Creations - there are lots of beautiful HST quilts entered, so definitely check it out if you haven't yet for some fun triangular inspiration!  I'm also linking up my HST placemats from my last post :)


  1. I love your quilt, I have had a FQ bundle of 1001 Peeps sitting in my stash for a while now. This will definitely encourage me to finally stop admiring it and do something with it!

  2. That is just fantastic. I am sure your God-daughter will go crazy for it!

  3. Lovely!! Perfect for your god-daughter!

  4. it is beautiful! You did a great job on this. She will love it.

  5. What a great gift! Beautiful and such a lovely pattern :)

  6. I love that fabric, and you used it so well! Love it!

  7. This is a lovely quilt. I made one using this pattern and hsts a long while ago and it is still one of my favourites.

  8. Your fabrics might be super cute, but your finished quilt makes such a strong graphic statement that the overall effect is pure sophistication. I really love how you put that pieced strip on the backing. StraightISH quilting lines? Glad I'm not alone there -- you crack me up.

    Hey, can you elaborate on the technique you used to piece these blocks, or point me to a tutorial? I don't understand what you mean by sewing around them and then cutting them. It's those brain cells I lost in childbirth. Yeah, THAT'S the ticket! ;-)

  9. I really love 1001 Peeps, and all of Lizzy House's lines. This is beautiful! You really showcased the prints well, and I'm sure your god-daughter will love it!

    I hope your move goes smoothly!


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