Thursday, July 29, 2010

Four day old dough is delicious

Today I used the pizza dough that I saved from Sunday to make pizza for dinner.  This was a convenient experiment with what happens when you let the dough rest in the fridge for a couple days (or more, if you half forget about it like I did)... as it turned out, it was really yummy!  Like I had heard, it gave the crust a bit of a sourdough taste, or as Lawson said just made it taste less "flour-y."  It tasted a lot more like authentic artisan pizza.  Lawson suggested I call this post "saving dough pays off" but I was not up for the pun.

We are drowning in tomatoes from our super-productive tomato plant in the garden, so for the first pizza we topped it with slices of tomato and shredded mozzarella, with chopped basil added after we baked it.  No, I didn't use all these tomatoes on the pizza, so I gave up and peeled, seeded, diced and froze the rest for future use... I was getting anxious looking out at the plant and seeing even more ones ripening, so I thought it would be good to clear the decks.  Here's the pizza before it went in the oven...

And getting eaten.

I also made another one with tomato sauce that we needed to use up, chopped peppers from the garden, and more mozzarella.  Also delicious!

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