Sunday, August 01, 2010

Camping and birthday socks

This weekend we got away for a quick camping trip to Rocky Gap State Park in western Maryland.  It was amazing how much cooler it was just a few hours drive from DC!  I ended up wearing the one pair of pants and one lightweight sweater I had brought almost all weekend, and not needing the shorts at all... not bad!  It was really relaxing to get away and just enjoy some time in the woods.

Yesterday, we drove up to Pennsylvania and went to see Fallingwater.  It was really cool - not only do you get to walk around and see the house from the outside, you get to tour the inside which is preserved as a museum with all the original built-in furniture and the belongings of the family that owned it.  Unfortunately you aren't allowed to take photos of the inside and you aren't allowed to post any photos you take of the outside, so I can't put any up here, but I definitely recommend a visit if you are able!

With all the time in the car (and with Lawson kind enough to do all the driving), I made some good progress on my current knitting project: Lawson's birthday socks.  The first year we were dating I made him socks for his birthday, and it has become an annual tradition.  I love knitting socks although I do find men's socks somewhat frustrating, since they are not only usually in bland colors, they are also about 1 1/2 times as large as women's socks (at least that's how it feels when I am knitting them!).  But Lawson really enjoys getting new socks each year so it is worth it.  I finished the first sock before we left and have made some serious progress on the second sock (I took these pictures at the campground this morning, I am now down to the heel flap of the second sock).

Maybe I'll actually finish them both before his birthday this year (which is in about a week and a half)!

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