Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Garden

The luxury of living in DC as opposed to farther north is that when you have a hectic summer and you don't have time to clear out space for fall planting until October, it's not totally too late to even be worth it.  As usually happens, a few weeks ago my garden was looking raggedy and overgrown in a lot of areas, so two weeks ago I pulled out the cucumbers and a few other things that were clearly done, weeded, put down compost, and planted a few seeds.  Mostly I planted greens which only need a month or two to be ready to eat, so despite the late start I should still be able to make something of this late fall planting.  By last weekend mostly everything had sprouted.  Here are how things look now.


Kale (planted in with some swiss chard that has been going all summer).

A few spinach plants

Arugula (plus I planted some in with the tomato plants)

Lettuce (may need to plant some more)


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