Monday, October 18, 2010

Wedding Pottery

Photo Courtesy of Joe Shymanski
I had mentioned in a few other posts that I had made pottery for our wedding, but hadn't gotten around to doing a post on it yet.  In addition to the flower pots that I made as centerpieces for each table, (shown here), I also made lots of little 3-6" tall vases for the mantelpieces.  There were two fireplaces with big mantels in the ballroom, and another one in the room where the buffet was set up, so as you can imagine it was a lot of vases!  I had so much fun making them though.  For one thing, I was throwing in porcelain and I had a lot of trouble getting the flowerpots to turn out how I wanted (eg, round), whereas the vases were easier to keep from getting distorted.  Plus, I just had a ton of fun experimenting with different shapes and trying to think of ways to make each one unique.  At the reception, we had enough pottery in between the centerpieces and the vases for each person/couple/family to take a pot home.  People seemed to have a great time picking out a piece and appreciated getting to take home a special homemade item.  I didn't really think of them as "favors" but I guess that's what they were, in a sense. 

My mom got and arranged all the flowers in the vases which I thought looked great!

Photo Courtesy of Suzanne Thurston

Photo Courtesy of Suzanne Thurston

Photo Courtesy of Suzanne Thurston
Photo Courtesy of Suzanne Thurston

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  1. They were so lovely. The color was just perfect. And I did have a great time picking one out!


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