Thursday, February 24, 2011

Trip to Atlanta

We went down to Atlanta to visit friends for the long weekend and had a great time, despite my losing my wallet right when we arrived.  Our friends made us delicious meals which we meant to photodocument to put up on the blog... but we were too busy relaxing and catching up.  They made us super delicious pizza with carmelized onions, yellow squash, mushrooms and a blend of special cheeses.  Another night they made homemade Indian cheese, paneer, for Palak Paneer and homemade samosas for a delicious Indian dinner.  I definitely need to try making paneer sometime, it sounds like it is similar to making mozzarella cheese (as I have done before) but you don't use any rennet and you basically just drain and press the curds.  Which also reminds me that I have been wanting to make mozzarella again soon, too.

I had never been to Atlanta before and our friends were kind enough to show us the sights.  We visited the MLK center which was very moving, I highly recommend it if you are visiting Atlanta.  We went to the Cyclorama, which is a ginormous painting/diorama depicting the civil war battle of Atlanta.  We also went to the Atlanta Botanical Garden which had a fantastic orchid display going on - which I did manage to take some pictures of (albiet with my iPhone, so they are not the best quality).  They had some really funky and weird orchids, and some which were really beautiful; here are some highlights, mostly of the weirder ones.

I like how this one sticks way out (and the flowers are cool too)

Check out the ruffles on these!

We thought these looked like spiders

They had tons of these - isn't the mottling cool?

Love the frilliness on this one!

We of course also fit in some time to explore local crafty spots... I did some fun browsing at the local craft coop/store the beehive, which is kind of like getting to visit a collection of cool Etsy shops in person.  I was also super excited to visit Whipstitch Fabrics and check out their beautiful fabrics in person, and we of course brought some home.  I have been checking out Kate Spain's new line, Central Park, on line and loved it even more in person, so I am very excited to get to make some fun projects with it!  I mostly got prints in the orange/yellow/green colorways but I also picked out a few favorite purple ones (not shown here) and some other fun things while we were there.

What fun places have you visited lately?  Do you make sure to visit craft stores when you travel too?


  1. Those orchids look like they're from an alien planet! So cool! And of course, I have fabric envy of the C.P. yardage. I always make a list of fabric stores to visit when I leave town - it's so fun to see what other shops carry!

  2. Beautiful fabrics! I love the colors and I'm jealous that you get to incorporate craft shops into your husband and daughter aren't so supportive in that arena!

  3. Great blog! I just came across and I'm so glad I did. I love visiting new stores when I travel. Looks like you found some good ones!

  4. I've never been to Atlanta myself. I'd like to at some point.

    I do make it a Pontiac to seek out craft stores. Many boutiques sell handmade, too. So I'm always looking for my handmade friends throughout the country.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate it!


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