Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WIP Wednesday - New Baby Quilt

Veggie Rainbow Fabrics

I got started on a new baby quilt this week, inspired by the Michael Miller "Edgy Veggie" fabric above (which will be the backing).   My original plan for this quilt was to make a stacked coins quilt, although I wasn't sure if I wanted it to have sashing in between the stacks or have them right next to eachother.  I started pulling fabrics that coordinated with the backing and I ended up with so many colors that I decided to go for the full rainbow.  I am also using the realistic fruit/veggie fabrics that I used recently in some baby clothes again, so that will be a good tie-in with the backing.  I got excited and went ahead and cut out a bunch of 8" long strips in varying widths and then played around with arranging them.

Stacked Coins Layout - Random

My original thought had been to have the colors randomly mixed together, and while I actually somewhat like this (and like it more with white sashing), it does seem like it is too busy.  I also tried arranging them in rainbow order and that looked nice but I am not sure the folks that I am giving this to would like it.

Color Block Arrangements

I thought it would work better if I arranged them more by color without having it feel totally like a rainbow, so I played around with having blocks in different colors in a kind of rail fence pattern.  I like how this looks much better, but it makes me a bit bummed because I was really hoping to make a sliced coins design.

Stacked Coins Layout - by color

I showed them to a friend and in talking it through with her it occurred to me that they might look better as sliced coins if I alternated cool colors in one stack with warm colors in another (although I couldn't figure out where to put the purples - they looked a bit off with the warm colors).  I like how this layout looks quite a bit... Although I like the rail fence design too, so I am not totally decided.  I have a few fabrics coming in the mail that I think will be good additions to this quilt so I will probably wait to make a final decision until they come - in the meantime, I would love to hear which design other folks like better.

I am hoping to sew up my blocks for the do.Good stitches bee in the next week and maybe work on a few garment sewing projects too... now that it is really warming up I am itching to try my hand at it a bit more and make some cute summer clothes!

I'm linking up again with WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced - head on over to see the other fun projects that folks are up to:

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  1. I think it looks beautiful! It would make such a lovely gift!

  2. Oh lovely colours, I think whatever u decide will work as the fabrics look great together and I love brights with White. Your backing fabric is so cute

  3. All the layouts are beautiful, but I think I especially like rail fence! Such pretty fabric you're using. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  4. I like the last layout best - alternating the warm and cool colors.
    This is going to be such a great quilt!

  5. I also like the last layout, however I think the first with all the random, alternating colors would look cool and funky with the backing as well. That's a tough decision! Good luck! ;)

  6. Ooh, I *love* the range of colors you have going here! I also can't see a bad layout in the bunch-- when I have a number of options that all seem good, I sometimes wait a little bit to see which one grabs me the most-- I often realize I clearly have a favorite!
    I'm excited to see what you turn this into!

  7. I love the rail fence layout, I know that wasn't what you where wanting to do, but it is kinda great like that! Good luck deciding!


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