Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stamped Greeting Cards and a Baby Blanket

Birthday stamped cards

A while ago I made up a few stamped birthday cards, and I had really enjoyed using them and was almost out so I got out my stamping supplies and made some more.  I have really been loving the clear stamps that you use with the acrylic stamp mounts - it is so fun to be able to get a variety of stamps without breaking the bank, plus they are easier to store.

Gold Embossed Stamped Birthday Card

I embossed a few of the cards which I think makes them look classy, especially for this gold - it looks way better than just gold stamp ink would.

In addition to restocking my birthday card supply, I decided to make some congratulations/baby cards to go with all the baby gifts I have been making for my rapidly reproducing friends.

Train stamped card

I have always wanted a cute little set of alphabet stamps and I lucked out the last time I was at Michaels, they had some tiny ones that were only a dollar or two for the whole set!  I also found these cute trains either at Michaels or Joann's in the $1 mini acrylic mount stamp bin.  I love how this card turned out!

Elephant stamped cards

Love all these animal stamps.

Animal Stamped Cards

I have already used a few of the cards sending off baby gifts, including this whale blanket that I made using Anne Kelle Urban Zoologie for a friend who just had a baby boy.  It is backed with a thrifted sheet so it is nice and lightweight for summer.  I made the mitered corners similarly to how I made the blue and white striped blanket here.

Whale Baby Blanket

Do you like to make stamped cards or other projects?


  1. How cute I have some stamps that I use every now and then. usually for a special occasion I would rather sew.:)


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