Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Needle Felting

I was super excited when I won the Felt Week giveaway on Stumbles and Stitches a few weeks ago, since the prize from A Child's Dream Come True included a large bundle of beautiful sheets of wool felt, and a needle-felting kit.  I knew I would get lots of good use out of the sheets of felt but I was possibly even more excited about the kit, since I have been wanting to learn how to needle felt (especially after reading more about it in the posts during Felt Week!).

needle felted snowman

I was really impressed with how fast their shipping was - the needle felting kit came just a few days after I found out I won the giveaway!  I was so excited that I started playing with it right away, and found it easier and more intuitive than I expected.  After making a few basic shapes, I jumped in and made the snowman above.  I figured I may not have much use for needle-felted items in my everyday decor, but they would make great holiday decorations - I'm not sure if this guy will be left as is or turned into a tree ornament (although I do plan to make several more buddies for him).

blue needle felted bird

I am thinking this bird will be a Christmas tree ornament too, especially since we have a bit of a bird theme in our ornaments (especially after I made several last year out of wool felt).

The other thing I immediately thought to make was little toys for some of the kiddos in my life.  I always love the way the tiny knitted or crocheted amigurimi monsters and animals look, but I don't have the patience to make something so small and deal with all the shaping on tiny needles.  So I figured needle felting would be a good way to make some similar little monster guys.

blue needle felted monster

I wanted to start out simple so I made this blue monster guy... he is a bit funny looking and kind of shaped like a chicken nugget, but still pretty cute I think.

needle felted dinosaur toy

I also made this little dino guy although he maybe could be confused for a fish. 

I found that getting basic shapes was pretty easy but making smaller parts was a bit trickier for me - I should probably actually read some tutorials online to get more tips on how to make more complicated items.  Have you ever tried needle felting and do you have any tips to share?


  1. Those look pretty cute! The blue monster reminds me of Cookie Monster (:

  2. They look great, Kate! I agree about the intuitive aspect of needle felting. I made my first project during Felt Week (the robin and nest) and I had a lot of fun sculpting and shaping with the needle. Perfect craft for those who love instant gratification!

  3. I love your little monsters! It looks like you have been doing this technique for years!

  4. Dear Kate...I love your creative website! I put it in my toolbar and check in with it every so often. It is very professional and full of great ideas and enthusiasm! I especially love the felt critters this time. I have the ingredients, but haven't gotten it together to try it yet! XO Janet (your Mom's friend in Hawai'i)


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