Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quick baby blanket

We were so excited when we found out our friends Laurel and Jen are expecting a baby girl next spring!  I had this cute fabric in my stash (Alexander Henry Teeny Tiny Zoo) and thought it would be great for a quick baby blanket.  I got the green flannel for the back from JoAnn's... I looked around online to try to find a polka dot or other pattern that would coordinate and didn't find anything to my liking, so this worked out well (I am glad it doesn't clash since I bought it without a swatch of the other fabric to compare).

I made a similar blanket for my new nephew which I forgot to take a photo of and it has been a big hit!  For the other blanket, the front was Michael Miller Zoology in brown and the back was Amy Butler Love Flannel Sunspot in Turquoise.  For both blankets, I was inspired by this post at purl bee, but I used a quilting weight cotton not jersey for the front (and so omitted the steam a seam).  I added an extra layer of flannel (from a light colored bed sheet) to give the blanket a bit more heft, and for this blanket I also made the corners a bit rounded, using an empty quart yogurt container as a guide.  I am very happy with how it turned out, it is great to have a baby gift that I can produce in a few hours that feels really substantial and will be well used.

Congrats again Laurel and Jen!  I hope the blanket brings you and the baby lots of good snuggles :).

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