Friday, April 29, 2011

Central Park Quilt Top and Pincushions

I finished the blocks and pieced the top for the Central Park quilt that I posted about on Wednesday!  I really love the bright summery colors of this quilt and hope that my friend whose baby I am making this for likes them too.  I don't really feel that this picture does it justice, I will be sure to get a great picture of the finished quilt.

Since I wasn't strict in making sure all my blocks were turning out the same size at first I had a few that were too small or too big that I ended up reworking a bit.  It was kind of annoying but I liked working in the semi-improvisational style with which I made these so I don't regret it even if I had to go back and fix a few things.

I love the zoo fabric in this line and think it will make the perfect backing for this baby quilt; I haven't decided what to use for binding yet but will probably use a solid purple or blue.  Also you can see my piecing above... I like to press seams open even though I think it is a little more time intensive.  If you quilt, do you press seams open or to the side?

Also, speaking of projects with Central Park fabric, here are two pincushions I made with this fabric too.  As it turns out, I am getting more use out of my 5 quart bag of crushed walnut shells than I expected... although I still have LOTS left.

The orange one was a gift for a friend, and after I finished this quilt top I decided to make one for myself too.

I didn't really intend for them to match but they totally do.

I even made the backs with the same design fabric - one of my favorites (of many favorites) in this line.


  1. So pretty - and I love the little pin cushions too :)

  2. Love the pin cushions and the quilt, so beautiful! As a quilter it is up to you how to press the seams, I have heard arguments for both ways, so do how you feel you want to!

  3. Very cute. I love the quilt top it is so pretty. The pin cushions what a great idea.

  4. Simply beautiful. I'm now a follower. Can't wait to see what else you come up with. :-)

    p.s. I have a Blog Award waiting for you on my website.

  5. Kate, your quilt turned out beautifully! i love all the variations in scale and proportions of the squares and sashing in the blocks...really makes your eye jump around so playfully. And your pincushions are adorable! Great job! And hey, if you can figure out other uses for the crushed walnut shells, lemme know! I have a giant bag in the basement :)

  6. Hi Kate! These projects are all so cute-- I love the quilt top, and then I love love the pincushions! The fabric you used on them is just right, and I love how bright and cheerful they look.

  7. Do you have a pattern for the pin cushions?

  8. I pretty much made up the pattern but maybe I will do a tutorial in the future if folks are interested :) I found a number of tutorials on a list on tipnut so if you are looking for pincushion patterns in general you may want to look there. Hope that helps!

  9. I'd love a tutorial on this...what the size is, what and how you put in the inside? Thanks tons!!!

  10. Hi. Amazing stuff Kate! So glad I found you! I also love the pin cushions and would love a tutorial! Here's to hopin'!!


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