Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ukrainian Easter Eggs

Today I got out the Ukrainian eggs which make up the entirety of our Easter decorations and I thought I would share them here.  I learned how to make Ukrainian eggs as a kid and have always loved doing it, although I haven't made them in a number of years.  I love the rich, vibrant colors and intricate designs which you can get with this technique.  Most of these eggs are based off traditional Ukrainian designs but I have also made ones that were more modern - polka dots, daisies, and words, among others - I think my mom has most of those still.  I have an egg-blower tool so luckily I can safely store these and get them out year after year!

It's fun to play with how to fit the design onto a 3-D shape and to figure out the dye sequence to get the desired colors.

What are your favorite egg-decorating techniques?  Have you ever tried making Ukrainian eggs?  I think this is it for me this year but I'm hoping to either make more Ukrainian eggs next year, or try out another decorating technique.

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  1. I bought a little kit and played around with this about 10-11 years ago. It's satisfying to see it come together. I've got them stored away somewhere - I need to find them and show them to my daughter. I neglected to pull out any Easter decorations this year...bad mommy.


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