Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shaded Four Patch - Alternate Block Arrangements

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As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I realized that I have enough of these green and blue shaded four patch blocks to make another baby quilt, so I had fun playing around with different possible arrangements of the blocks.  Since this block is basically just a slightly more complicated version of a half-square triangle a lot of these variations may already be familiar to you but I think it's fun to see them in a different block!  I'm probably not going to actually assemble this quilt for a while but I'd love to get your thoughts on which arrangement you prefer.  The simplest is to have them all oriented in the same direction as shown above - does this have an official name?

This is how they look in a pinwheel arrangement - the pinwheels don't stand out as much with the squares in there, I think it is actually reminiscent of an hourglass block. 

This arrangement was called Sunshine and Shadows in my Threads of Time book that I mentioned yesterday, but I have seen lots of other things called sunshine and shadows too.  I think if I did this I would arrange it so the diamonds created were each either blue or green and then the squares would be half and half like they are now.

Zig zag... I like how the actual zig zags look but I don't really love the brick shape rectangles that are created in this pattern.  Maybe this is a sign that I really should make a half-square triangle zigzag quilt at some point.

The last two are variations on the barn raising arrangement.  Above it is shown in a square arrangement, with the blocks on point.

This is the same arrangement but in the more standard diagonal variation.  I also played around a bit with how to combine the blue and green blocks in different ways... in the version above I have all the squares in one white diamond band the same color, I also tried it out alternating them which was more similar to what I had done in the first quilt with these blocks, I think both look nice.

So what do you think?  Which arrangement do you prefer?  They all feel pretty traditional to me so I might lean towards the first just to keep in simple... but I guess it depends who I end up making it for.


  1. I like both of the barn raising arrangements. :)

  2. another vote for the barn raising - square arrangement preferred :)

  3. its amazing how many variations you get from one little square isn't it! I am with the others - the barn raising definately

  4. Wow! It's amazing how you can change the look of a quilt! I like the last arrangement best.

  5. I also like the last one but all are great...amazing how many variations you came up with!!!

  6. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts! It's fun that everyone likes the barnraising, that is actually the pattern I had in mind when I first started making these blocks years ago :)

  7. I like the last one best too but actually I really like the zigzag one..incredible how different they look while using the same blocks. Very clever.


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