Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Fabric Stash Additions

I am super excited about all the new fabric that I have added to my fabric stash recently!  Some was a gift but I have to admit that a lot of it I just bought for myself...  

My mom very nicely got me this fat quarter bundle from Fabric Worm for Christmas - a great way to build my stash of yellow fabrics, I didn't have many before.  I love the way they build their bundles, with a really interesting mix of fabrics selected to go together.  I have definitely thought about buying some of their bundles before and just using them to make a quilt, but it feels like cheating to me somehow not to put in the work of selecting the fabrics yourself... definitely a good source of inspiration and a great way to build your stash in any case.  I think my favorites in this bundle are the polka dots, I am such a huge dot fan... also the two botanical prints on the far left above.  Not sure what I will do with the Heather Ross Far, Far Away... anyone have any suggestions?

I also treated myself to some great fabrics from Fabric Depot in Portland, OR while we were out for the holidays.  The three Robert Kaufman prints on the left are for baby girl presents (I love the butterflies, aren't they adorable?) and the Riley Blake cars/trucks are for baby boy presents.  I am planning to make some baby pants with Rae's free basic newborn pants pattern, and am thinking about modifying the pattern to make the pants reversible.  The red polka dots are just to round out my stash (I really didn't have any red prints and was stretching the ends of a red and white fabric that I had as far as I could whenever I needed something red... Also did I mention I like polka dots?)   The orange zen garden print and the "citrus scrub" print are both from the new Sanctuary collection by Patty Young and I just couldn't resist.  I may have to get more of the zen garden in other colors, I really love it.  I saw a really cute apron with ruffles down the front at Anthropologie and had been thinking of making one, I expect both of these fabrics will be involved.

I also got caught up in the Christmas spirit and ordered a bundle of Kate Spain's 12 Days of Christmas... I just love these fabrics (especially the fa la la las, but really all of them).  I spent a long time on Etsy looking at different fat quarter and half yard bundles and trying to decide which to get.  I really like the blue fabrics in this line too but finally I decided to go with more green and red ones.  I also augmented these with a couple Christmas fabrics that were on sale at Fabric Depot.  I am planning to make quilted placemats and possibly matching napkins (I got 2.5 yards of the red polka dots), but I am thinking at this point I may wait until next year, I am not feeling like Christmas crafts so much anymore.  Although I do love this fabric so I may get over that feeling!

Finally, I got a yard of this Robert Kaufman print ("Sparkle All the Way") - because Lawson liked it.  Maybe I will make him a stocking out of it next year.  Or boxers.  Or both!

I have so many sewing projects on my to do list, I am excited to get going!  I am planning some more tutorials and hope to post one later this week, so stay tuned!  I'd love to hear about other folks new fabric acquisitions and what projects you have planned, too.


  1. Love any posts about fabric! I'm planning one soon.
    I live in Portland and love a trip to F.D. I have to limit them though so my stash doesn't get out of control : )
    p.s. I feel the same way about bundles.

  2. Beautiful fabrics! Can't wait to see what you make with them!


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