Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wrapping Paper Gift Bows

We are out staying with my inlaws for the holidays, and I was wrapping gifts up yesterday while everyone was out of the house.  As excited as I was about the green grocery bag challenge this year, I didn't have time to make reuseable bags for all my gifts, and I really do love wrapping gifts the traditional way.  My mom and I have always put a lot of effort into carefully wrapping gifts with coordinated ribbon and gift tags.  This year, I had fun playing around with making some gift bows out of strips of wrapping paper - a great way to use up those strangely shaped scraps!

Both of these bows are made with equal length strips of paper.  The bow on the left has 4 strips that are taped into loops around eachother and then taped together on the bottom; you could also secure this at the middle with a brad or by punching holes and it would make a nice shape - I was just keeping it simple.  The bow on the right has 6 strips that are each taped together at the end into a teardrop type shape and then all taped together.  I really like how both of these look with the double-sided wrapping paper.

For this bow, I made the central double-bow with one long strip of paper looped around over itself and secured with tape, and then I taped on the "tails".  You could also make the central bow as a triple (or more bow) and could just as easily make it with separate strips of paper of different lengths rather than with a single long strip.

What are your wrapping traditions or what fun wrapping ideas are you trying out this year?  Hopefully these instructions make sense, let me know if you have any questions.  This certainly isn't rocket science but I thought it was fun!

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