Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WIP Weds - Drunkard's Path Quilt Top finished and Kaleidoscope QAL started

drunkard's path quilt top

I finished my drunkard's path quilt top last night - I am really happy with how it turned out!  I had posted a photo on the needle and spatula facebook page showing a possible layout of the blocks with the yellows on the diagonal and got good advice from several folks to put the oranges down the diagonal since it is a more dominant color - which was kind of what I was thinking too after I saw it laid out.  I'd love advice on how to quilt it - I am thinking I may just do diagonal lines through the sub-blocks because while I think echo quilting would look lovely I don't think I'm up for it on my tiny machine.

orange drunkard's path block

Here are more closeup shots of the orange and yellow blocks - I used mostly central park fabrics (including parts of a charm pack leftover from my last central park quilt), but added in other coordinating fabrics from my stash as well.  I love the color scheme for this quilt but I also think it would have looked great with a wider range of the colors from this line.  Since I have used stash fabrics in each of these central park quilts as well, I think I have enough fabric left for another central park quilt, probably using the whole range of colors - which is great since I love this fabric line!

yellow drunkard's path block

I have mentioned to a few folks that I was thinking about doing a drunkard's path quilt-along once I finished up this quilt.  I am pretty sure that I am going to go ahead and do it, so stay tuned for more details!  Since we are moving across the country next month, the QAL probably won't really start until mid-September or even October, but I am hoping to write a few posts for August/early September with more inspiration/layout ideas.  I am super excited about it, I hope you will consider joining in!

kaleidoscope fabrics

With the central park quilt top finished, I have finally moved on to start my kaleidoscope quilt for Elizabeth's quilt-along!  I am mostly using the same fabrics as my original stack but with a few additions, and I did decide on the lighter grey color for my solid, thanks to everyone who chimed in with an opinion on that.  I am planning to make the baby size quilt and have already cut out 34 of the 48 needed triangle pieces and have used less than half of the fabrics, so I'm not sure if they all will make it in...  but I may make it a slightly larger 4 blocks x 4 blocks (rather than 3 x 4), so then I would be able to fit in more fabrics.

kaleidoscope option 1

I have been playing around with layouts a bit before I finish cutting my pieces (so I can make sure I cut the right number of each size/color for whatever design I choose), and I was really drawn to this larger design variation that some folks had done.  I was thinking about a scrappy option (above) or a more color coordinated option (below) - and I played around with a few other options too, which you can see in my flickr stream.

kaleidoscope option 3

I realized that this design wouldn't work very well in a baby-sized quilt, though - there just isn't enough room for the large scale repeats, so you basically only get the larger circle pattern showing once (or maybe a few times in the 4 x 4 sized quilt).  So, I think I am going to stick with the regular layout in the end.

kaleidoscope option 6

I'm not sure yet if I will got with a scrappy layout (above), a color coordinated layout (below) or something else... but at least now I know to go ahead and cut out the half square triangle pieces (and apologies for the centers being filled with scraps in these photos, since I hadn't cut out any of those pieces yet).

kaleidoscope option 7

I'm linking up again to WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced - head over to see everyone's fun projects!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Love the quilts, I was thinking of starting a Drunkard's path sometime soon, I hope it turns out as wonderfully as yours!

  2. Seeing your Drunkard's Path quilt has made me want to start one and I hate curved piecing. Really lovely!

  3. I love your drunkards path quilt. I haven't joined the kaleidoscope QAL yet, but might try that one now

  4. Lovely!
    The drunkards path quilt is amazing . . . I need to make one . . as soon as I work up the courage to piece curves!

  5. Awesome drunkards path! Love it in Central Park.

  6. your Central Park Drunkard's Path quilt is so lovely! I'd be interested in a QAL doing drunkard's path next fall :)

  7. oh, your Drunkard's Path is really nice!

  8. Your Drunkard's Path quilt is absolutely amazing. I want to make one too. Sorry I can't help you with quilting ideas, I never know how to quilt my own.
    I really like the colours you're using in the kaleidoscope quilt.

  9. Love your setting and color choices for the Drunkard's Path!


  10. Your drunkard's path quilt is amazing. What I like best about it is the medallion pattern you created out of all the blocks--such a switch from the usual layout of blocks and I love it!

    As far as your Kaleidoscope goes (and I'm getting good at spelling that word), I like the first picture the best. Maybe it's because I love the colors you've chosen of deep teals and vibrant yellow-greens, but whatever the case, this also should be a lovely and powerful quilt. Well done!

    Elizabeth E.

  11. I just love your drunkard's path top! And the colors of your KQAL are super appealing.

  12. That drunkard's path quilt is JUST BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely love it, you should definitely do a QA. The kaleidoscope quilt is looking good too! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  13. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love it all :)

  14. That drunkard path looks amazing. I love the colors you've chosen. So bright and happy.
    Your newest follower from

  15. I'd love to join your quilt along. I love the layout and colours you have used. I think the timing will be good as there are so many quilt alongs happening at the moment and I'll be looking for a new one. Keep posting about it, I can't wait to start!

  16. Drunkards path is still amazing. You are doing such a wonderful job on it. I also like your colors for the kaleidoscope. Glad to see I am not the only one who isn't done yet :)

    Have Fun

  17. Oh I love your drunkard's path quilt! I just got a Go! Baby and that is one of the dies that I chose, so hopefully I'll be making one soon too! I love the fabrics you are using for your kaleidoscope, so pretty!

  18. Very fun quilts!! Love the curved one!!

  19. I really like the Drunkard's Path topper! I would love to try one myself.

  20. I am in for the drunkards path QAL

  21. I've always disliked the Drunkards Path, that is until I saw YOURS!! The templates just happened to jump into my bag yesterday at the quilt shop, so I guess soon I'll be doing one too!

    I love the colours of your Kaleidoscope, I already have a template for that one, now all I need is more time...


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