Thursday, August 05, 2010

Easy Summer Dinner with Microwave Corn on the Cob

Last night I pulled together a quick summer dinner for us before I went off to my pottery class.  It was nothing complicated but I thought it was a great example of how, when you have such delicious fresh produce in summer, even a last-minute dinner can be really top notch.

We had a tomato basil salad with ingredients from the garden.  Funny side note: my carmello tomato plant went from producing more tomatoes than I can handle to nothing in the past week.  Somehow even though I'm pretty sure it's an indeterminate plant, it set a bunch of fruit that all ripened at once.  I am hoping that if I fertilize it a bit it will come back and have more fruit... for now, we're back to just cherry tomatoes.

We also had spinach fettucine with homemade pesto (although I confess it has been in the freezer since last season - we had so much basil that we are still working through last year's pesto supply).

Finally, I made corn on the cob in the microwave.  I forget where I originally heard about this trick, but after picking up a few ears at the farmer's market yesterday, I remembered it and wanted to try it out.  I used a recipe I found online and followed the directions, although I substituted a wet dishtowel for the paper towel (I can't stand to waste a good paper towel).  It worked really well, and as promised, it was was much easier to husk and remove all the silk!  All in all, a great way to enjoy fresh corn quickly, and it still tasted fresh, sweet and delicious.

We topped the dinner off later in the evening with the last of our peach ice cream... which was custard-based, but reading this NYT article makes me want to try making some philly-style ice cream soon (and reinforces my desire to get David Lebovitz's ice cream book).

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