Monday, August 16, 2010

Screenprinted tote bags

We are out in Washington State visiting Lawson's family, who threw us a wonderful west coast party to celebrate our wedding (which was just over 3 months ago - time flies!), so we have been reminiscing about our wedding.  So here is another craft project from the wedding - screenprinted tote bags which we gave to all the out of town guests, with some snacks and a packet of information.  I thought it was nice to make the guest bag into something reusable and a reminder of the wedding - people seemed to really enjoy them.

The wedding was a great excuse to try out some new crafts that I hadn't done before or don't get to do too much, and screenprinting was the biggest new thing I learned.  My friend Mandy was a big help both the first time we tried screenprinting (non-wedding-related) and then again printing all the bags for the wedding.

I made the screen design using drawing fluid to paint the screen (after I had drawn a sketch on the screen in pencil laying it out) and then using screen filler to block the open areas.  As you can see, in the process of making all the bags, we pretty much covered every surface in our living/dining room area.  I love how there is one hanging off the spout of the teapot.  Also visible in the top photo (under the bags) are some of the vases that I made for the wedding... which will be the subject of a future post.

The true hero of this craft-venture (in addition to Mandy) was Lawson, who ironed each bag for 3 minutes to set the ink.  That was a lot of ironing!  Luckily he was able to watch hockey at the same time.

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