Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A sampling of pouch tutorials

Earlier this summer I went on a sewing bonanza, part of which was making a bunch of different kinds of little zippered pouches.   I had been bookmarking different patterns so I basically tried out all the different ones I had been meaning to try and then made up a variation of my own after that.  If you are wondering what I am going to do with all these pouches, they will largely be christmas gifts (any of my family that is reading this, sorry for the spoiler but I guess you can still be surprised by which you get).

The first ones I made were from this tutorial on Skip to My Lou.  I had fun picking out different fabrics that coordinated both for the two outside fabrics and for the inside.  I followed the tutorial except that I made the pleats fold half way to each side (if that makes sense) rather than flat to one side or the other; I liked how it looked better this way.

Next I made a few really cute small clutch purses using this tutorial from Noodlehead.  I followed the simpler variation of the tutorial and just included one interior pocket in each, rather than a divider etc.   I would like to make a few more of these and also may try to use this technique to make a slightly larger clutch or just a purse... will have to see what works out when I try.

Finally, I slightly modified this tutorial to make a small bag with one pleat and squared off bottom corners.  Then, I combined elements of the first pouch and this one to come up with the bottom pouch shown below, which I really like.  I will write up a pattern/tutorial at some point and post, but I will need to go back and make another pouch to actually keep track of what I did, take pictures etc.  Anyone else have any good pouch tutorials to recommend?  If I have time to do more sewing at some point I am planning to make a few purses...

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