Friday, June 17, 2011

Another Knit Skirt - with Pockets!

Pleated Pocket Skirt

I had so much fun when I made my first knit skirt and dress, I knew I wanted to try more sewing with knits.  I have been pretty busy with other projects, but really wanted to make a skirt for Crafterhours' Skirt Week (and play along with the Summer of No Pants, too).  Since both of these fun events are ending today, I finally found time to make another skirt last night.

Pleated Pocket Skirt - large view

I used a grey interlock knit that I had bought from the bargain bin at my local fabric store for $3/yard - interlock is a bit sturdier and less flowy than jersey knit, and it looks the same on both sides.  Since I bought this from the bargain bin, I don't know the fiber content but it does have a bit of stretch.  The design was inspired by skirts that I have seen women wearing this spring (isn't people watching a great source of inspiration?), and I made up the pattern myself again.  I love that it has pockets!  So great for toodling around the house when I always seem to be putting my phone or something else down and then having to go back and get it.  It hits at a slightly below knee length, which I think is cute, although I may make another one that is a few inches shorter (and/or I may make a dress version!).

Pleated Skirt Back

This is not the best photo of the back, but I wanted to show that I put some pleats in the back too.  It is a pretty straight cut for the skirt but the front and back pleats mean that it isn't too fitting or tight - which is good, since it gets way to hot and sticky here in DC in the summer to be wearing a fitted skirt.

skirt hem

I am still playing around and figuring out the best stitches to use when sewing knits - I used my double needle to sew the hem on this skirt and am very happy with how it turned out!

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  1. Hi Kate! Your skirt is adorable-- it looks so comfortable! I love skirts with pockets, they are the best :)

  2. Pockets are great and yours turned out really well! I haven't dared try any yet, but now I think I will. :-)

  3. Very cute. Love the little pleats and pockets.
    I am in awe of people who can design their own patterns, and do it so well! You sew, girl!

    LeAnn aka pasqueflower

  4. Love the pockets!! Great job with the pattern! Is the waistband all knit or is there hidden elastic in there? (or a zipper or other mysterious closure)?

  5. Hey I just voted for you over at Crafterhours and then found your blog...cute stuff! And I love your skirt.

  6. Thanks everyone! On the closure question - The waistband is just knit, no elastic or zipper or anything - it is a bit loose but its a casual skirt so I think it is ok - plus I think next one I will make it a smidge smaller so that it fits more closely :)


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