Saturday, June 25, 2011

Spicing Up the Kitchen Swap Placemats - and a reminder!

SUTK Placemats

I just finished up my placemats for the Spicing Up the Kitchen swap and I am really happy with how they turned out!  This is the first big swap I have done, and I have to admit I will have a bit of a hard time letting these go... they are definitely nicer than any placemats I have made myself.  My partner said she likes Anna Maria Horner so I used a number of her fabrics and let that guide the color choices for the other fabrics I used as well.  I had a great time making the patchwork band on each one different and think they make a fun set.  Lawson was a bit befuddled by how much effort I put into something for a total stranger, but it was really fun to get to be inspired by someone else's taste (luckily very similar to mine) and I hope my partner loves them! 

Placemats Embroidery Detail

I added a line of running stitch embroidery echoing the band in a different color on each placemat, and then I did some straight line quilting.  Most of the quilting is just through the top and the batting and was done before I attached the backing.

Placemat Backs

I used a variety of Anna Maria Horner prints for the backs, these could definitely be used on the reverse side as well.

Placemats Edge Detail

I like how the backing peeks out at the side edge showing a bit of that color!

Placemat placesetting

I couldn't resist testing them out with a placesetting to see how they would look... I think this postage stamp one is my favorite of the set.  I may have to make another set for myself...

In addition to making these for the swap, they are also my item for this month's Bloggers' Dinner Party!

The party is open for three more days - through the 28th - so you still have time to enter for a chance to win this lovely fat quarter bundle from Sew Fresh Fabrics.  Remember, you can either enter a new project, or something you have made anytime in the past year, as long as you put up a new post!  The full details to enter are on the Bloggers' Dinner Party Page (and you can check out the lovely items that have been entered so far while you are there!).

Also, I'll be linking up to Sew Modern Monday on Canoe Ridge Creations on Monday - check it out to see others' modern sewing finishes!

{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations


  1. These placemats turned out great! I love anything combining linen and color, and your patchwork is such a nice contrast with the natural fibers. Greaat job!!

  2. Beautiful! You have inspired me to make a set or two for myself. I was just thinking how long I have been using the same ones -- too long!
    Love the colors.


  3. Wow those are fantastic! Your partner is so lucky! I need to get moving on my summer placemats - where did this month go?

  4. Wonderful placements!! I love the way you designed them so that the colorful pieced stripe runs horizontally! Your partner will LOVE these, I'm sure!!

    LeAnn aka pasqueflower

  5. These are excellent! I love the patterns and the fabrics and the way they match but are different.

  6. I think your placemats are awesome!What a lucky partner! I'd have a hard time letting these go. Thanks for all the detail.

  7. They're beautiful - front and back! I really like a dark gray to set off bright central colors and yours is another example of why. They are so perfectly framed. Well done!

  8. Terrific place mats. I love the variety of piecing and the colors are great!

  9. What great placemats! I love the gray with those punches of color, and the backs look really awesome too! I just overall love these, I would definitely use them!! :-)

  10. These area gorgeous, Kate!
    I love the colors you chose, paired with the linen - just beautiful!

  11. Gah! LOVE THESE! :) Thanks for linking them up to {Sew} Modern Monday and have a great week!

  12. i don't know if i would be able to give these away either...they are all gorgeous. the fabrics along with that linen are beautiful.

  13. I really, really, really want these to come to my house!!! I'm wondering what the chances are you're my secret partner...we do have similar taste in fabric! These are just gorgeous-- it would be hard to part with them!

  14. Love the colour combination. They look great !

  15. I love how bright and colorful these are! Beautifully done.

    Isn't it funny how sometimes more creativity/effort goes into things we make for other people? Sometimes I skimp on myself but always put my best work in when I make things for other people because I want them to like them so much.

  16. I love these placemats!! Just found you today. I'm adding you to my Reader!

  17. My mom would love these. Wish there were directions for other people to use...

  18. Directions would be great - I am a sewing newbie :) or any tips you can give me!!


  19. Saw these beauties on Pinterest.
    WOW, they are simply BEAUTIFUL!
    I love the pretty colors.


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