Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June Bee Blocks and WIP Wednesday

June Do Good Stitches Blocks

I don't have a lot of progress to show on my current quilting WIP, my drunkard's path quilt - I haven't touched it since my last WIP wednesday update two weeks ago!  I have been traveling a bit, spent time with Lawson and enjoyed the beautiful weather over the weekend, and just haven't had a lot of time for quilting.  The quilting time I have had has gone to my more time-sensitive projects... I just finished up my "hexing around the block" do. Good Stitches blocks for June (for Lee - you probably saw her fun tutorial for these blocks).  I love the bright summery color palette she chose and these blocks are so fun to highlight a fussy-cut center!

SUTK placemats... again

And since I can't resist posting another photo, I also made these fun patchwork placemats for the Spicing Up the Kitchen Swap.  I'll be getting the placemats and the bee blocks in the mail today.  I also made my Knit Peasant Dress and wrote up the tutorial... so I guess it's not like I haven't had any time to sew, it's just that other things have jumped ahead of my quilt.  I am really hoping to make some serious progress on the drunkard's path today and tomorrow, especially since I would like to finish the top for this quilt before I start cutting for the Kaleidoscope QAL (hopefully next week!).

Tank Tops to Upcycle

But then again, I just saw this call for boy's t-shirts from Fishsticks Designs (her blog was down when I checked but hopefully that link will work soon).  I looked in my goodwill donations bag and found these too-small/too-short tank tops that I think will be great to refashion into little boys t-shirts (and I'm hoping to do some freezer paper stenciling again, too!).   So hopefully I will have time to both work on my quilt and on this new fun distracting project in the coming week... 

I'm linking up again to WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced:

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Those hex blocks are rockin'! Love the colors and I have to give these a try. Very cute place mats!

  2. I really like the hexagon blocks too! I'll check out the tutorial - what a fresh twist on log cabins!

  3. I love your hexagon blocks! Very nice.

  4. Your blocks look great. So do you placemats. Very nice, I like the colors.

  5. Those blocks are great! Still adore those placemats, I may need to make some like them, they look better every time I see them.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. These are beautiful. I'm a new follower, came over from where she has your dinner party button. I'm looking forward to this - its a great way to keep me sewing fun projects I can complete without crying (i hope, lol. I'm a new sewer). What a great idea for a link party!!

  8. The blocks look great, and the placemats are wonderful (as I may have previously mentioned :)
    I'm so glad you linked to the call for boys shirts-- I hadn't seen that, but I think it is a wonderful idea and I want to give it a try when I have a little time.

  9. Your hexie blocks are so fabulous! Can't wait to see them in person and put together the quilt. : ) Those placemats are gorgeous too! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.


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