Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Felt Peapod Tutorial

Felt Peapod Tutorial

As I mentioned in my last post about making felt food, in addition to all the fun patterns I tried that I had found on the internet, I also made up a pattern for felt peapods - I think they look most like snap peas/snow peas.  Wouldn't it be cute to make up some of these and make a felt stir fry with pepper slices and tofu cubes?

I saw some other patterns online that use felt balls for the peas in the peapod, but I wanted to take a simpler approach.  As shown above, you can either make these pods plain, or you can add stitched "peas" as a fun detail.  They are really quick to make!  If you make some, I would love to see how they turn out, you can share them in the Needle and Spatula Flickr Pool.

TERMS OF USE:  As with my other tutorials, this pattern is for personal, non-commercial use only.  If you are interested in making these peapods for small-scale commercial sales (eg craft fairs, etsy), please contact me and we can discuss a licensing agreement.

  • Green Felt (I prefer wool felt but you can use whatever felt you like)
  • Scraps of quilt batting (or if you don't have batting, you could use felt instead)
  • Green thread
  • Peapod pattern - DOWNLOAD HERE
I made these with a sewing machine, but if you don't have a sewing machine or prefer to work by hand, that would work too!  On the sewing machine, you can sew them either with a regular foot or with a free motion foot (useful if you are sewing the peas detail).

Felt Peapod Tutorial Step 1

First, cut out your felt and batting and lay the batting on top of the felt as shown.

Felt Peapod Tutorial Step 2

Fold both the batting and the felt in half (along the dotted lines shown in the pattern).  The felt should fully cover the batting.

Felt Peapod Tutorial Step 3

Sew along the edge of the pea pattern, making sure the batting is fully enclosed.  I used my free motion foot for this step because I didn't want to change the foot to sew the peas, but it would have been more even if I had used my regular foot!

Felt Peapod Tutorial Step 4

If desired, sew small circles inside the peapod to look like peas.  I used my free motion foot for this, but you could also sew this with a regular foot and turning the piece as you sew a small circle.

To finish, clip all the threads and cut out the second side of the felt to match the peapod shape.

If you want to hand sew, cut out both sides of the felt in the peapod shape initially, then whipstitch or buttonhole stitch around the open edges, and sew the pea detail (if desired) using a running stitch.

Thanks and happy sewing!


  1. Do you have a great source for good felt? I'd like wool or a wool blend--just don't like pure polyester :)

  2. I just won a bundle of wool felt in a giveaway from A Child's Dream Come true and it is really great quality, and they shipped super quick. I definitely would recommend them! http://www.achildsdream.com/wool_felt/index.htm


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