Thursday, March 10, 2011

Birthday Fabric

I am so lucky that my family (especially Lawson) understands and supports my fabric obsession.  When asked what I wanted for my birthday, I told everyone fabric - and they were nice enough to get me some really lovely treats that were my special requests.  Lawson got me the beautiful Echino fabrics above, and he is still tracking down one more (this one - but unfortunately they are out now so he's getting it elsewhere).  I love leaf and vine designs, and polka dots... and anything green... so needless to say I am totally smitten with this fabric.  I am planning to use it to make a throw blanket for the daybed in our study, and then also use it and the other two fabrics to make coordinating throw pillows. 

My mom got me these gorgeous tufted tweets nesting chairs fabrics from Laurie Wisbrun's Etsy shop - what a treat!  I had seen and really liked her commercial tufted tweets line and then I found her Etsy shop and saw that she sells other fabrics that she gets digitally printed from Spoonflower there.  These are a related design to the Robert Kaufman line, but different designs and different colorways.  I just love the combination of the geometric designs, the adorable chairs, and the birdies. We are hoping to get a grey couch (and/or grey armchairs) down the line and I thought these would be perfect for throw pillows.  As you can tell, I have lots of pillows on my mind...

Last but not least, my in-laws sent this wonderful bundle from Fabricworm!  I love their bundles, they pick a great selection of fabrics that they put together in each one.  As I have said before, it feels kind of like cheating to me to just make a quilt with the fabrics someone else picked out but this one makes me pretty tempted... But really I think they will mostly be great, versatile fabrics to have in my stash.  This came early so I have actually already used a few of these fabrics - for the lining of Lawson's toiletry bag and on one of my zip pouches with the Anna Maria Horner blue and yellow print.

Thanks to my wonderful family for all the great fabric gifts and for all your support in my various crafty ventures!


  1. Happy Birthday! Sorry I'm a day late. Looks like you made out like a bandit with all that fabric. Awesome!

  2. I meant to say Happy Birthday yesterday shoot, Happy Birthday! What great gifts I can't wait to see what you do with the Echino my stash of it is slowly growing.


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