Friday, March 04, 2011

Men's Boxy Toiletry Bag

On our recent trip to Atlanta, it turned out that not only did I lose my wallet, but Lawson lost his toiletry case.  We thought it had been left at home but it wasn't here when we got back so he must have left it on the plane when he was getting stuff out of his carryon.  He also allowed as to how he was feeling a bit left out that I had been doing all this sewing but hadn't made anything for him.  So, the clear solution was for me to make him a new toiletry case to replace the lost one.  I made it to be a similar size as what I remember the old one being, which is a bit on the smaller size... but he's a guy, he doesn't have a lot of toiletries anyways.

I had seen some tutorials online for boxy bags like this before so I had a basic idea of how I wanted to put it together and then I figured it out from there.  I put a handle on one end to make it easy to carry.  The outside is a cool-looking (and man-appropriate) grey denim that I found in the remnant bin at our local fabric store recently, and it is lined with some newly-acquired navy on white Metro Living circles.  I love this fabric and will definitely be getting more.  It made me a bit nervous to be making a toiletry bag out of all (non-waterproof) cottons, but he insisted it would be fine.  I guess everything potentially leaky goes in the TSA-mandated ziploc bag most of the time now anyways, and at least it is machine washable if it gets gross.

All in all, definitely a fun project and just in time since he has to leave on a work trip on Sunday!

Have you made any fun crafts for the men in your life lately?  What are your favorite crafts for guys?


  1. Awesome bag - love the metro living circles as the lining!

  2. I want to make one of these for myself! what tutorial did you use?

    I made my dude socks for Christmas.

  3. I pretty much winged it but got the basic construction technique from a tutorial I had seen at some point I think - sorry I don't have a better record! I saw one on Prudent Baby recently that was similar although the raw edges on mine are enclosed and theirs weren't. Hope that helps!

  4. I love your boxy bag version, Kate! Your workmanship is exquisite!

  5. Here's a similar project w/ a tutorial-


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