Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring in DC

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Spring is one of my favorite times in DC, with generally nice weather and a beautiful sucession of flowering trees, bulbs, and other plants.  Earlier this week, when it was a bit warmer out, I took a stroll around town with my camera to appreciate it all.   I walked by the Capitol, where the magnolias were starting to bloom, or in the case of the white magnolia below, in full bloom.

This weeping cherry was also right by the capitol:

I wandered through the small but well-landscaped gardens at the nearby U.S. Botanical garden where I saw some of my favorite plants.  I have a real soft spot for interesting plants that you don't see all the time, and which may not be as colorful or splashy as some others, but which have a subtle beauty that you really have to get up close to appreciate.  I guess it may be related to my love for wildflowers (which I actually used to study in college, but that is another story).

Hellebore (Lenten Rose)


Japanese Andromeda

Not sure what this is - do you know?

I also saw lots of great bulbs and other flowers growing in people's gardens on my walk.

Daffodils and Narcissus

Creeping Phlox - one of my favorites

And we have a few things in bloom in our front yard, too!  A year or two ago my mom sent me some sweet bulbs, so I have the standard jonquil daffodils that I had before and a few other more interesting things too.

Jonquils and Scilla


Meanwhile, it is supposed to snow tomorrow in DC, and we are actually in New Hampshire this weekend (this post brought to you by the magic of pre-scheduled posting).  Hopefully spring will be back in DC soon, and whereever you are too!

What are your favorite spring flowers?  Are things in bloom for you too or not yet?


  1. Just missed the cherry blossoms--was in D.C. a couple weeks ago! Beautiful pics. :)

  2. I love Seattle because year round something is always blooming. My favorite are the Magnolias which are just popping.


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