Monday, March 07, 2011

More Tote Bags and Pouches!

I have been having a lot of fun sewing up tote bags from the easy tote bag tutorial I posted - mostly with a contrasting band of fabric at the top because I love how that looks - and also some more zip pouches.

Some of the pouches I made with my pleated pouch tutorial and some are basic rectangular pouches with a fun pieced stripe.  You may notice the similarity between these fabrics and the tote bags...

That's because I thought it would be fun to make matching sets!

Or really, I should say coordinating.  I had fun picking out fabric combinations that used the same main fabric and went well together but didn't use exactly the same fabrics.

For this one I used coordinating fabrics from the Modern Meadow line - I love this line and am stashing fabric to make a quilt with it someday, but decided I could spare a little for these bags.

I think there are all kinds of fun uses for a tote and matching pouch, including just using it as a purse and simple wallet, but the biggest one I was thinking of was as a knitting or hand-sewing project bag and matching notions pouch.  I always use tote bags to carry my knitting and love that I can hang it over my arm while standing and waiting and just stand and knit without my yarn getting everywhere!  Maybe there's a knitter or sewer in your life who would like a set?  You can whip them up using the tutorials or all of these are listed in my Etsy shop!

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  1. I love the bags-- especially the coordinating sets! So cute! We definitely share a love for modern meadow, I will be excited to see what type of quilt you make with it someday!


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